Camille Van Niekerk- Stiltetyd (Musiekvideo)

Both music videos are produced by CoolerBox Brothers and Vonk Music.

The video for “Proteas op die tafel” was shot in Cape Town. On the day the music video was shot, there was fog and mist, especially at higher altitudes like Signal Hill, so it was mainly shot on the beach, the Promenade and city streets.

“Stiltetyd” is a song that speaks of longing for the West Coast. The video was shot in Johannesburg and it follows a road trip to the West Coast with her (an American visiting South Africa) and her guitarist (played by Rudi Kleingeld, who currently plays with Juan Boucher, another Vonk artist). We get a bit lost along the way and eventually throw the map out, taking in the beauty around us, despite being far from the coast.




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